Dear All,

We’ve received a few requests to the League helpdesk by new team representatives requesting access to be able to enter results, change fixture dates, etc. I’d just like to explain that the relevant administrator rights are not available at league level  and you will need administrator rights allocated at club level within Play Cricket.

If you don’t know who your club’s Play Cricket administrator is then you can use the ‘Contact Club’ link at the top of your club’s Play-Cricket website to request the appropriate rights, stating your role and for which team(s), and your club’s Play Cricket administrator should be able to help you get started.

There are some restrictions on what you will be able to do as a Club Administrator, for example, you will not be able to change venues from ‘home’ to ‘away’ or vice-versa, so please contact the league helpdesk in these circumstances, or if you have any other league related issues.

Wishing you all the very best of English weather and a happy cricket season.

Kind Regards,

Phil, Sian and Helen