Esher Cricket club was formed in 1863 following a meeting of like-minded individuals in a local Esher pub. The club has a rich history much of which is recorded in bibles and files of documentation retained by the Club. It is our intention, over time, to make relevant documentation available on this site. In the recent past annual reports have been produced documenting each season. These can be found, by year, in the tabs below.

Club Officers

1863 to 1870   W G Brett
1871 to 1872   J Eastwood
1873 to 1880   P M Martineau
1881 to 1884   HRH Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany
1885 to 1919   P M Martineau
1911 to 1934   C M Martineau
1935 to 1945   S A P Kitcat
1946 to 1978   W E Gerrish
1979 to 2007   P G Wreford
2008 to 2009   G P W Newman
2009 to            J D Robinson

1922 to 1929   R H Wyatt
1930 to 1941   S A P Kitcat
1942 to 1969   W E Gerrish
1970 to 1978   P G Wreford
1979 to 1983   J A Harrison
1984 to 1987   J A Fulford
1988 to 1995   P G Wreford
1996 to 2001   P M H Robinson
2002 to 2006   A R Bernard
2007 to 2008   J W McDermott
2009 to 2013   J A Woollhead
2014 to            G E Ellis

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Surrey Championship Batting and Bowling Records by Esher Players

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