Membership Rates for 2019

Youth Cricketer U16/U18                    £80

Young Cricketer U8 to U15                 £195

Mini Cricketer U6 to U7                      £150

Young Cricketer U5                             £100

Junior Girls U6 to U10                         £100

Senior Girls U11 to U16                        £125

The Young Cricketer subscription includes family membership.  A reduction of £25 will apply to the above subscription for second and subsequent children within the same family. Use coupon code sibling for each additional membership purchased after the first one. If you have 2 siblings add the coupon twice etc….

To Become an Esher Young Cricketer please visit the Club Shop here to purchase membership


Pay Membership

Youth Cricket Membership U14 - U18 £195 to £80

Young Cricketer Membership U8 - U13 £195

Mini Cricketer U6 - U7 £150

Mini Cricketer U5 £100

Junior Girls Membership £100

Senior Girls Membership £125

200 Club

The 200 Club is a great opportunity to help support the club while at the same time join a maximum of 200 members in the chance to win cash prizes. Structure The cost of membership is £60 per year payable annually on the 1st of May or payable in 2 instalments of £30 via standing order on the 1st May and 1st September each year. 50% of the annual 200 club membership income will be used to create two equal prize funds for draws to be made at the Club, supervised by the management committee, in June and September. Each draw will have three prizes:
  • Prize 1. 50% of prize fund
  • Prize 2. 30% of prize fund
  • Prize 3. 20% of prize fund
Therefore, the closer we get to a membership of 200, the bigger the prizes and we will publish the winners in the Chairman’s newsletter. Membership If you wish to participate in the 200 Club please complete the information requested below and return this with your club membership form.  Membership will be on a first come first serve basis and be subject to on time payment of the membership fee.